5 Common Cooking Tips That Can Prove Helpful

Cooking is something that 90% of us have to do in our lives. Some of us do it because of our jobs, the others do it as duty and some do it just for leisure. Many of us have faced the dilemma of what to cook next. Cooking for a few days or once in a blue moon is no big deal because you don’t go through the pressure of thinking what next?

But for those who cooking are a regular job, not being able to bring something new to the table is very sad. Most of the house wives go through this dilemma and come up with no solution at all. For such women we bring a few easy recipes and some recipe tips Hindi me that will sure spice up your kitchen game.

  1. Spices are very important when it comes to cooking. But using the same spices in all the recipes gives them the same taste. So, it doesn’t really matter whether you are cooking it all tastes the same. So try using different spices for recipes of chicken, meat, paneer, vegetable curry etc.
  2. Try to mix and match- we all mostly use readymade spices that are available in the market. This could also bring monotony in your food. So, try making your own spices. You could add up a few spices and then grind them together. This could give a bend of all those spices and when used in the curry, they will definitely make difference. If your first experiment goes wrong, don’t get disheartened; try again!
  3. Try out new recipes- the internet is loaded up with a number of recipes both for the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. So, if your family is bored with same old recipes, then it is time to try out something new. This could change their mood instantly and you are going to be crowned the master chef.
  4. Utensils also play an important role in cooking. Sometimes the wrong utensil could ruin your dish completely. So, make sure you use the correct utensil. Also, it shouldn’t be too small otherwise you might not have a lot of space to stir and might end up over cooking or burning the dish from the base. This tip is especially fir the beginners in the kitchen.
  5. Also, if you are cooking a dish out of the internet of the recipe book then make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. Now, if you are a pro you could maybe improvise. But for beginners, make sure you go through the recipe instructions properly and stick to it. Also, if you are not very sure of your cooking skills then ask someone who is experienced to supervise your cooking.

I agree these tips are some of the most common of all, but you could avoid these to make some great dishes. Also, you could easily browse for cooking recipes in Hindi or English as per your convenience and I hope you get the desired results.