AnalytixLabs Has helped me Pursue Data Science as a Career

My first introduction to Data science was while I was pursuing B.Tech. I was fascinated to say the least by the immense possibilities it showed for the world as well as for the students that learn it. I read a lot about analytics and data science, underwent an online course. I got the opportunity to work for a start up as an analytics intern. This was when I realized that I was way behind in the curve. I understood from firsthand experience that theoretical knowledge would not take me much further and I needed professional support to bring myself up as a data scientist. I had read the Analytixlabs reviews online and my location being Gurgaon it seemed to be the best visible and feasible option for me to pursue my dream. I can say without a doubt that it was among the best decisions in my career. I have valid reason to support my view.


First of all the curriculum was tailor made for me. I wanted to be an all rounder when it came to analytics and with the bit of experience that I had I went for a Hadoop course about which I had learnt through Analytixlabs Institute reviews. It is a 100 hours course including over 60 hours of live training. Among all the AnalytixLabs courses this one seems to be the best one for beginners. It gives you kind of a head start into big data. I wanted to understand the functionality and practical application of the various Hadoop tools, especially MapReduce and HDFS. The course descriptions seemed to match with my requirements and the course itself was quite enlightening. The best part is that AnalytixLabs delivered what they promised.

I moved on to pursue a data science course on SAS and R. It was a fine fit for an engineering student like me. It comprised of 160 hours of live and video based training. It focused mainly on the various techniques that are required for us to be ready for the industry. It makes Excel, SAS and R easy for us. The curriculum starts from the surface and goes deep enough to give us a strong grasp on the subject matter. Personally I had a lot to gain from this course and I did so. Although at some points it really got difficult the instructors were always there to help me out.

After pursuing two consecutive courses at AnalytixLabs I definitely have some feedback to offer. I would like to list them down.

On the Faculty

I think I got all that I deserved from the faculty members. They were always patient. They considered it their responsibility to help us gain as much as possible from the training. Though there have been classes when which have appeared to be less interesting than the rest but otherwise would have been pretty unnatural. The faculty members at AnalyticsLabs have the experience that instructors should have and you know it whenever you interact with them. They understood my every move on a project and guided me without hampering my ingenuity. It was an experienced to be cherished.

A bit on the curriculum

I have already talked about the courses I had pursued. I would like to add a bit on the structure. The course is well paced and the curriculum well formed with the industry in mind. We were introduced to real time data problems through case studies which I thought was a great incentive. Since I had had some amount of analytics training before joining AnalytixLabs as a student I found the first course a bit tedious in the theoretical parts but the practical training was spot on. The data science course is equally well structured and it elevates your knowledge way higher than the common level. It is all designed with the global analytics and data science industry in mind. With the support of the widely experienced faculty members these courses really build you up for the jobs.

The community, environment and certification

At the end of the day it all comes down to utility. As far as certification is concerned the name AnalytixLabs does carry a fair bit of weight in the Indian analytics scenario. Anlytixlabs Placements are all quite enviable. The community of students and alumni is pretty active and supportive and the administration really knows how to make education a great experience.