Applications of WordPress: A Web Development Patform

WordPress as a web development platform:

WordPress was started in 2003 as an online tool for website development. It was initially used for blogging and content management by the people all around the world until it started gaining importance as a web development tool. This platform being one of the easiest platforms for web development is used by people all around the world for designing their websites. WordPress gained its importance as it was very easy to use and didn’t require people having a computer background or having to code to develop a website.

While having a website made, there is always a communication barrier that makes your website look a little different than how you wanted it to be, and with WordPress, you can have your website exactly how you design it. The best part about WordPress is that it’s freely available worldwide and is easy to use. You don’t need to worry about getting the license or paying for any of it as WordPress is free of cost and all you need to get is the domain name and a server on which you can host your website. WordPress is created in PHP and offers various services to the developers.

To develop a website in WordPress, you don’t need to know what is happening on the back end as there are templates available which make the website look good. There is a lot of WordPress website development services that you can utilize to give rise to a website that is both catchy as well as responsive. Some of the services offered by WordPress are divided into the one-time services and ongoing services.

One-time services are the services that need to be done just at the beginning or the end of the website development while the ongoing services need to be looked after from time to time. Different services provided by WordPress are as under:

  • Web hosting by WordPress

WordPress other than being able to run their website also provides web hosting to other websites also. Hosting can be optional, as in if you are designing your website through WordPress, it’s not mandatory to use WordPress as a host. There are many other options out in the market available as web hosts, and a designer has options to choose from. Getting your website hosted through website also takes care of the traffic of the website and many more.

  • Services offered by WordPress

 The websites that are designed through WordPress are not just attractive and sizzling but responsive as well. There are various custom WordPress development services that are offered by WordPress. A responsive website doesn’t just look attractive but can adapt its resolution as according to the size of the screen. So, a responsive website works on your phone as good as it will on your computer. WordPress lets you manage your content, and with the help of different plugins, you can make your website as functional and attractive as you want it to be.

  • Search Engine Optimization by WordPress

SEO is about how you market your content and then your website to the world. Writing content on WordPress provides them with the SEO services which increases the traffic if the website.