Best Non Vegetarian Bengali Dishes That Are Famous Worldwide

Since the state Bengal is distinct from others so are dishes. Most of the Bengali dishes have been influenced by Europeans and Nawabs as they have ruled Bengal for centuries. Some of the Bengali foods has its origin from British culture but now are prepared and served in almost all Bengali households.

The most famous Bengali non-vegetarian dishes mostly comprise of fishes which are termed as maach in Bengal. All the Bengalis household have a special relationship with fishes as maach(fish) and bhaat(rice) is their staple food. As the state is surrounded by various rives and Bay of Bengal, freshwater fishes like pabda, koi and rohu are among the most popular fishes in Bengal. It’s not that fish is the only non-vegetarian food that Bengali people consume; occasionally they do make chicken and mutton curry dishes. Bengali recipe is traditionally a blend of spicy flavors and some sweet dishes. Their spicy and distinctive flavor is what set Bengali dishes apart. Here’s a list of world famous Bengali dishes that you can’t resist.

  1. ChingriMaachherMalai Curry: Bengali people can’t imagine their day starting without fish. This yummy preparation will make you crave more for Bengali delicacies. This fish dish is made to make an extraordinary dinner or maybe lunch with their friends and families. This is one dish which makes Bengali cuisine proud in the seafood sector.
  2.  DaabChingri: This dish will make you lick your fingers until you are done. This one dish has put Bengali cuisine in global map as it has left people from all across the globe gratifying their taste buds. This exquisite Bengali dish will satisfy not just your hunger but your minds as well.
  3. Mutton Jhaal:Jhaal means spicy food and this is an exclusive mutton curry dish which comes straight from the Bengali kitchen. Gratified with some exotic spices and is a delight for spicy food lovers. Though Bengali’s can never have enough of fish but for a change, this is the dish that makes Bengali cuisine even more delicious. From the first bite itself, you will be like “Waah”!. If you are unable to resist your desire then make sure next time you visit Bengal go and have this dish at any nearby restaurant.
  4.  DoiIlish: Bengali people know very well how to use doi (dahi) very well. Ilish (Hilsa) is a type of fish which can leave you with heavenly feeling after you consume it. This is arguably one of the best dishes which is popular across the globe. If you are yet to taste it then go and try it in any Bengali restaurant nearby.
  5. Chicken Chaap: If mutton jhaal will make you say Waah, then this dish will graduate you to “Wow”. This chicken dish is that yummy. This dish though is prepared mostly on occasions and it is sure to garner praise from all your guests. This dish is equally popular among the children’s and grown-ups.

These are just a few delicacies that Bengali kitchen has. There are ‘n’ numbers of variants in fishes and you will need to spend at least a month to try them all.