Don’t ignore Neurological Disorders

According to a study conducted by the University of California in San Francisco, it was found that there are as many as 600 different types of neurological disorders found in humans. Neurological disorders include all those types of diseases which affect the brain or the central and autonomous nervous systems. Different types of neurological disorders have various different signs and symptoms. So the type of disorder you have must be distinguished first. Some of the most commonly occurring neurological disorders include Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, migraines, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease etc.

Even the World Health Organisation recognises neurological disorders as one of the major causes of health problems in the whole world. Millions and millions of people are found in surveys taken all over the world to suffer from some sort of neurological disorder. Alzheimer’s disease has been found to affect about 24 million people while around 326 million people are seen to suffer from migraines. A large portion of these falls in India as it has such a huge population. This is why a number of neuro hospitals in India have come up with the best doctors to solve almost all the types of neurological problems you might have.


You will probably start wondering about the causes of these neurological disorders if you or one o your close people acquire it. But you must know that various disorders are caused by dysfunctions which are quite diverse. As we know that our brain and the spinal cord are insulated by quite a few membranes, which have a large role on our neurological health. Any kind of force and pressure can cause a serious damage to these membranes, which will in turn result in different types of disorders. Our skin also has peripheral nerves, which are found deep under the skin. These nerves are also very vulnerable to damage.

He disorders might affect a total neurological pathway or even a specific neuron only. A very small dysfunction in the pathway is capable of causing serious effects. Thus, some very common things which we regularly do might be the cause of the dysfunction. Most commonly, genetics, physical injuries, improper nutrition, infections, lifestyle, environmental influences etc are found to cause the various kinds of neurological disorders.


As there are so many kinds of neurological disorders there, the signs are also very diverse. The type of disorder or even the part or area which has been affected can cause the signs to vary significantly. Different disorders will show different symptoms. While some will experience only emotional symptoms, some might experience physical ones. Both types of symptoms are also often found to occur together. All the types of symptoms are diagnosed and cured in the neuro treatment hospital in India.

Emotional symptoms

Our emotions are controlled by the brain so when some part of it affected is quite logical that the person will show abnormal emotional behaviour. Mood swing and sudden outbursts are one oaf the most common types of emotional symptoms.

Physical symptoms

Muscle weakness, seizures, poor cognitive abilities, reading and writing difficulties, decreased alertness, complete or partial paralysis, unexplained pain etc are some of the physical symptoms which people with neurological disorders experience.