Why Gender Discrimination on Wearing Helmets.

In India, you can face contradictions day to day life. For example in our country lots of sports cars, but only a few roads are that are good in condition, we have sent many satellites in the space but on the other hand, we still believe on Dhongi Babas. We hate corruption, but still, nourish it every day. We talk about gender equality and also in favor of Gender Discrimination in many fields. In this write-up, we discuss gender discrimination on wearing helmets.

One question is always spinning in our mind – “why is it that girls are allowed to skip on the most important piece of riding gear?” On the roads of Delhi, it is a very common for the girls or woman to ride on a scooty or as a back-seater without the helmet. A few years back wearing helmets was optional for the woman but the law has changed. Delhi’s Transport department issued an order that women must wear women helmets when on two-wheelers or they must pay a fine of Rs 100. But this rule is still ineffective in many reasons of Delhi.

The Transport department is more worried about the constant increase in the number of road accident deaths, particularly women, many of them being scooty riders. Even if the majority of riders are men in Delhi, but only women-riders are more at risk of head injuries because of not wearing the helmet.

Why do women avoid wearing the helmets?

  • The primary and biggest reason is wearing helmets spoils their hairstyle.
  • They think it is very hot and uncomfortable wearing helmet.
  • Wearing helmet causes sweating.
  • Last of all, the most familiar reason is that there is no one to check them because we are woman.

Last one excuses are actually very true, a survey taken earlier had visibly revealed that most women do not wear the helmets because the cops will never fine them for not obey the traffic rules.

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In the last few words, I just want to say that, it is very important for everybody no matters you are a men or women to wear the Best Bike Helmet, with complete safety assurance on your side. Because road doesn’t know the language of discrimination or contradictions, it will kill you with your small mistake.

Woman pride themselves, if they have a beautiful face without any spot & mark. But on the other hand, they refuse to wear the helmet, a safety gear which will keep any mishappening away from your beautiful life.