Guidelines To Choose The Best Stock Broker

The registered members of the stock exchange are the stockbrokers who are only authorized to sell and buy shares in the Stock Market. Therefore it is expected that the investor needs the help of the stockbroker for trading stocks. They charge a fee for doing so called as the brokerage. Usually, the amount is fixed based on the trade value.

There are two stock exchanges in India, and they are the NSE and BSE. SE stands for Stock Exchange with B and N denotes Bombay and National.

One must select the right broker to get the trading done efficiently. Follow the simple suggestions given below to get hold of the best broker.


Do not always think that the most significant player is one among the top 10 stock brokers. A few brokers work for professional and traders, who have various transactions. Others may work with new investors. Therefore it is not the size of the stockbroker company, but their specialization counts. It is good to connect with small-time brokers when you are new to the market as they will give importance to you and not ignore as brokers who are busy with the frequent traders.


Again, it a human tendency to go with a broker who charges less. Remember not to keep that as selection criteria. It is essential that the broker works with your hand in hand. They must understand your need, potential, and suggest you ways. People who charge less might get more clients, and hence they may not be remembering all details. Look for a reasonable commission. You will get to know once you start with your first few steps and keep moving forward. Especially during the first time do not mind spending more but make sure to work with a professional broker.

Selling Stocks

Next, remember that you have approached a broker to trade in the stock market. They must not push you to do anything. They can give you suggestions but should not force you to buy more stocks every time than before. Never hesitate to say NO, and that is how it will work correctly.

Broker’s Skill

Do a small research on the market, PE, and market capitalization. When you talk to brokers, do not feel you are not aware of anything. But make sure you understand some basics, and that will help you to test their skill before you sign an agreement. You must not blindly believe them because stock exchange is a volatile business. Hence treat them as you pay money, and you have all the rights to interview them and select them.

In a nutshell, you must do some study about the industry and plan accordingly. Never jump to conclusions and also do not wait for the right time as the market will keep on changing. Sell your stocks when you think the price is dropping. Do not believe and wait for it to grow and you never know hence sell it the minute you think it falls. But, for buying you can give it time as you don’t hold the stocks and therefore no commitment. Either way, stay assured that the best broker will walk you through the process.