Why Hadoop Became Synonymous with Big Data?

You may often wonder that why Hadoop is so readily associated to big data. The systems are actually inseparably intertwined. There would not really be big data as it is today had it not been for Hadoop. Before Hadoop, big data was merely a concept that people willed to realize. The data influx was not nearly as intense as today but the companies were in a seemingly everlasting struggle to tackle the data. It was terribly expensive to store the data and process it. It seemed that the cost of storing data would often surpass the possible profit made by big data analysis. Big data before Hadoop was mostly confined to the mega-enterprises that could reasonably afford it.

Things changed after the introduction of HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System. This made it possible to store large amount of data by distributing it around several servers. Data storage and maintenance became easier and way more affordable. After Hadoop’s initial success, Apache took over it and took the market by storm. Since then Hadoop has gradually become synonymous to big data analytics. It is really no wonder because Hadoop is a software suit that actually covers most of it. Data storage, processing and a certain bit of analysis is possible through the various Hadoop tools.

The job market is totally flooded with Hadoop jobs. If you ever try looking for job options relevant to Hadoop skills, you will find more responses than any other key skill. It is so indispensable for the industry work. The Indian market holds a lot of jobs for personnel with Hadoop skills. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are creating jobs in large numbers for trained big data experts. The salaries offered for Hadoop skilled personnel are also among the highest in the market.

Best Hadoop training in Bangalore is quite easily available but you need to be alert about the curriculum. The Hadoop suit consists of a number of different tools. HDFS and MapReduce are among the most popular tools. You need to make sure that you gain a comprehensive idea of how the different tools work and then use the opportunity to specialize in certain areas. There are a gathering of analytics institutes in Bangalore. Analytixlabs offers one of the best programmes of Hadoop training in Bangalore. They offer multilayered and well balanced courses for students with different needs and different levels of experience. Getting a hang of the industry and knowing how it works is also a very important part of Hadoop training – it is a very industry oriented system, you cannot ignore that.

Today, a number of new tools have come up that have made analysis and processing work much more efficient but there is still hardly an accessible answer to HDFS.