How to Handle Criticism like a Pro?

‘Art is subjective to one’s perception.’

Certainly, it is. In fact, due to this very reason artists throughout their career have to deal with various kinds of feedbacks, welcomed or unwelcomed. Moreover, these feedbacks can come in two ways majorly, either in the form of a comment or a compliment.

The aforesaid statements fits all the more perfectly in today’s Internet age. The Internet is taking over the market space speedily and art industry too is no exception. Hence, the artists sell art online now as Internet has become a major space where general public spends its leisure time in.

Undeniably, because of the increased reachability, artists often get bombarded with negative comments and impressions. Thus, to keep oneself at peace, one should know how to respond and evaluate them. Keep reading to know more.

Many of the artists have a habit of asking people what they think of their art. If someone who is a complete stranger and doesn’t know much about art, appreciates or criticizes, you should not take their feedback at face value. The opinion of those whom you know or those who are knowledgeable enough for judging your art should be considered. However, an artist should not abstain from asking these questions as they are important for knowing the common impression that people have about his art. Moreover, when you sell art online you should also know which comments to pay heed to and which ones to ignore.

For figuring out how seriously, the feedback of a person should be taken into consideration. You should start observing their knowledge about the art style you follow by getting involved in the conversation. Apart from this, you should try to figure out, if they are speaking for the sake of making their presence felt. Remember, that you will meet all kinds of people and will get the best and the worst kinds of feedback on your art, irrespective of how your art really is. But when you will start mastering the ability to judge people and their motives, you will feel way more relaxed than now.

Furthermore, if someone fails to understand the value of your art you should not come off as a rude person and ignore their say. It is important to maintain your image as an artist, so you should be prepared for listening even the worst kind of comments patiently.

Another important thing that you should evaluate is whether the comment that a person has made on the platform where you sell fascinating art online is based on his personal taste or in the context of art as a whole. In most cases, you will find that the reason was the former. Thus, you should not take their comments personally as it is just a matter of taste. The comment in no way means that your artwork is not good enough.

In brief, you should learn to access the intention of the person commenting on your artwork and should also learn to take negative comments positively. It is quintessential for you to understand that your art is about you and your feelings.