Health Benefits of Makhana

Makhanas are delicious; of course healthy and wholesome, also economical and an easy preparation to make. Makhana can be and excellent junk food yet so healthy and delicious in taste. A perfect blend of health and the taste of junk food is a rare combination, to be found these days. Makhana is an age old tradition of the Eastern world.

What is Makhana? Some unknown facts:

Makhana is popularly known as Lotus seeds in English. Also called as Fox nuts, it is obtained from Euryale Fox – a plant growing in stagnant water of ponds and water bodies of eastern Asia. Makhana was used for a long time as a Chinese Ayurvedic medicine. It has applications in various religious ceremonies of India. Offered to the deity as Phool Makhana, it is also used as a food preparation, mainly as a fasting dish occasions like Navratri. The seeds are highly consumed for its extensive nutrient value and medicinal properties.

Benefits of Phool Makhana:

  • Makhane ki sabzi made with Phool Makhana can be a wonder remedy for people suffering from sleeping disorders. Instead of surviving on sleeping pills, you should give Makhana dish a definite try. This is proved to be a much healthier option to cope with insomnia.
  • Consuming, any dish prepared of Phool Makhana is empirical approved to enhance sex life in men. Makhana increases sperm production in men, also it enhances fertility in women too.
  • Makhana is a definite and rich source of calcium. Consuming Makhana in optimum amount can, sufficiently support your daily consumption of calcium. Instead of consuming artificial calcium supplement products, get some Makhana from the market to munch on.
  • People suffering from Arthritis problems can summon on Makhana dishes, to refurbish calcium deficiency.
  • If you are one who suffers from chronic low blood pressure, you should try makhana today. Makhana has very high potassium content and the low sodium content in it is perfect for hypertension patients. Hence, Phool Makhana perfectly regulates the blood pressure in humans, and maintains it at an optimum level, for your age.
  • Makhana can reduce the risk of various kidney problems. It is quite evident that since Makhana regulates blood pressure it will obviously heal your kidney troubles by infiltration of blood effectively.
  • Those who are restricted to caffeine consumption can substitute their cup of coffee with a bowl of Makhana dish. Makhana roasted can be the best possible alternative of coffee.
  • Makhana is well known to reduce senescence. It will improve the texture of your skin making you look more youthful. All this is because Makhanas are rich in medicinal value and kaempferol that has anti-ageing properties.
  • Makhana is perfectly healthy for daily consumption, and is greatly recommended for people suffering from digestion problems. The high fibre content in it enhances metabolism.
  • Although high in fibre content, Makhana is low in fat which corresponds to lower release of sugar in blood- hence a good fit for the diabetic patients.

These nuts are also very healthy to be consumed in pregnancy as it solves multiple issues like- hypertension, gestational diabetes and others. Also found to be very effective in foetal development.