Really cool dress types that every woman should own

Every woman should have a dress or two if not more in their wardrobe. They can be worn in any kind of occasion and have a lovely feel to them which makes them all the more special and fit for every occasion.

Dresses come in various types and designs. Each and every type has its own unique features, which highlights different parts of the body and creates an overall look. So if you really love to wear dresses then here are some dress types that you should always have in your wardrobe:

  1. Maxi dresses are something that every girl should own. These are comfortable and extremely stylish and are one of the signs of the evolution of traditional dresses like the abayas. You will find some of the best abaya maxi dresses online or even at a store near you if you search right. They come in all times and can be worn in both formal as well as informal occasions depending on the design. These are also a big favourite amongst pregnant women because of its huge comfort factor.
  2. Peplum dresses are trending a lot these days. If you have a pear shaped body or an hour glass figure then this is the type of dress that you should go for. If you have a little bit of fat around the waist region, then peplum dresses will perfectly hide them and create a beautiful seamless look. Most of the peplum dresses have a pencil skirt like bottom and hence if you want to show off your legs then this is the type to opt for. Pair them up with high heels for a perfect look.
  3. Skater dresses are for those who have perfect legs and an hour glass figure. These dresses will perfectly complement your body type and are generally very simple in design. The beauty of skater dresses is their simplicity. You can either go with floral prints or you can also opt for solid colours. Skater dresses can be accessorised and styled really well when needed. These tend to have a formal air about them and hence are best worn to formal occasions. Always wear them short, or else skater dresses will lose their charm.
  4. Tunic dresses are very in these days. You can check any good online formal abaya stores for tunic dresses. Shirt tunic dresses are particularly in demand and hence if you want you can get one for yourself. These are best paired with high heeled sneakers to create that fun and sporty look. Simple make up and a bag should do the trick.
  5. Gowns are another dress type that almost every girl should own. These are meant solely for formal occasions and will be a little heavy on the pocket but these are sheer beauties that are bound make you look grand and gorgeous. So if you are heading for a really formal occasion, gowns are what you should opt for.

So, these are five of the top dress types that you have stuff in your wardrobe to complete your collection of dresses!