Significance of Mot And The Parts Covered Under It

Many of us have to undergo certain physical tests to check our bodily fitness at many times. Likewise the state transport department makes the yearly-roadworthiness test compulsory for the vehicles that are usually three years old. But Ireland has made this condition to be made applicable for the cars that are four years old. Various test centers including MOT Uxbridge conduct such tests.

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What does an MOT test cover – The entire structure of the vehicle including the following components in their alphabetical order is included under this test:

  • Body – Any damage or corrosion to any part of the body of the vehicle is inspected in detailed manners during this test conducted at any center.

  • Brakes – Working of the car’s braking system, its operation and condition is thoroughly checked during this specific test for investigation.

  • Doors – It is also checked that the doors open and close in perfect manners.

  • Emissions – The exhaust of the car should be secure and complete in all respects. It should not be affected with any leaks or silences in any manner.

  • Fuel system – This system also undergoes the test conducted at prominent centers including MOT Uxbridge, the most reliable organisation.

  • Horn & Lights – It is also seen that these two major parts of the car work in proper manners. Any defect with regard to the headlamp, lights, their color or operation is also checked during this test.

  • Identification number – Known as the vehicle identification number or simply the VIN, it must be there and displayed in clear manners. This unique code generally includes a serial number since stamped on the vehicle.

  • Mirrors – The MOT test comprises of the investigation concerning the mirrors too that should show proper images of the objects and persons coming under their range.

  • Registration plate – Format of numbers and letters on the registration plate also undergo the MOT test. The plate should be in intact and in legible state.

  • Steering and suspension – The suspension and steering parts of the car are also checked by the center’s tester.

  • Seats and their belts – Front and rear seats and their belts are also checked during the test. Correct operation and security are of significance as far as seat belts are concerned. They should be in place.

  • Windscreen – Many times this screen suffers from some cracks or chips. As such this the windscreen also undergoes the MOT test.

  • Wheels and tyres – The tester since appointed by the test center checks the tyres and the wheels with regard to their size, condition, type and the depth of the tread that should be in accordance with set laws.

  • Wipers and washer bottle – These two components of vehicle are also thoroughly checked by the tester. The driver should be fully satisfied as regards their operation giving a clear view on the road.

The above list of the vehicle’s components conducted by MOT Uxbridge or other reputed centers shows its importance. As such timely test of your vehicle is a must.