Top 5 Destinations in Bhopal which will make your day!

Bhopal is a very beautiful city full of culture, ancientness, advancement, and tourist spots. The city is divided into two parts old city and the new one. Both the areas have its extensiveness and charm. Whether you are alone or with your family, you can relish a great trip in this city of Nawabs. After all, the city is teaming with exciting spots for you.

If you want to dive into this richness of this city then book your rooms in the 3 star hotels in Bhopal city and carry out an amazing trip. For now, have a look at top five destinations of this city.

  1. Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple is raised by Raja Bhoj and it is amidst the most visited destinations in Bhopal. Though the temple is imperfect in its structure, the spectacular art work, the monolithic large Shiva Lingam and the statuaries attract mystical believers, olden time’s enthusiasts and art fans to a great extent.

  1. National Museum of Mankind

National Museum of Mankind is also popularly called Tribal Habitat Museum. It was formed in the year 1985 and an amazing thing about this temple is that it was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India and iron lady, Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is splashed over a space of two hundred acres of land. It is very close to the gorgeous Upper Lake in the middle of Shamla Hill. The museum is sole one of its kind in India and is popular in the whole world for covering an excellent abundance of creative pre-historic rock shelters.

  1. Gohar Mahal

Gohar Mahal is an extremely popular place to visit in Bhopal. It speaks of the cultural legacy of this city of Nawabs. The place is truly a spectacular mansion built in the form of a palace. It showcases a brilliant blend of Hindu and Mughal chic of architecture. The splendid palace is named after first female monarch of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum who is also famously called Gohar Begum. It was under her supervision that the palace came into existence.

  1. Upper Lake

The lake is the pride of this land of lakes. Upper lake has been seeing the altering eras of the city since eleventh century. People share the opinions that the water of the lake possesses healing powers and is helpful for conditions linked with skin. Moreover, the natural splendour of this lake is exceptional. It has an elfin island in the middle. Both the sun sets and the Sun rise of this spot will definitely leave you enthralled.

  1. Bhimbetka Caves

Bhimbetka Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the most visiting tourism spots in Bhopal. It is located just at a distance of about 45 km from Bhopal. The spot is brimming with pre-historic rock paintings that date back to time between Medieval and Palaeolithic ages. These amazing and appealing caves are no less than a fine art-gallery

So, these were just five spots of this city, if you want to explore all the outstanding destinations of Bhopal then plan out a trip. Just book your rooms in the top 10 hotels in Bhopal and relish both a comfortable stayover and trip.