Winter time is approaching faster than we are willing to admit it! Even though some of us are not very fond of the whole icy atmosphere that falls upon us somewhere in the middle of January, there is a lot us who would wish for it never to end. Traveling to a distant location tignes, further than any of our worries could ever reach, may just be the perfect solution for reconnecting with nature and her harsh ways. Nevertheless, it’s an experience we take pride in loving, but it would be imprudent not to address what is absolutely necessary to bring with you while you are packing for that epic frozen adventure. 


Why make your life harder than it already is? You’re about to embark on your soul healing, long awaited journey, sodon’t mess it up by stressing over how many pairs of shoes should you bring. Packing only what you truly need leaves you with a deep sense of freedom that we think is necessary for experiencing thoroughly profound moments during that winter hike. While speaking of it, let’s mention that a regular hiking backpack is adequately proportioned, which means that you shouldn’t bring any additional bags, for it will all fit in the backpack.


Shoes take a lot of space and of course we know you love them. However, settling on a single pair of universally usable shoes is a great decision to make. Here are a few things worth mentioning on how to choose your shoes:

            – Try to buy leather boots. They will keep you warm.

            – Make sure they are not permeable.

            – Deeper the boots, the better. You don’t want your feet to get soaking wet from that deep snow surrounding your ankles

            – Make sure your sole is ribbed. No one wants to get injured. If your shoes allow you a strong grip on that ice, the risk of slipping, and potentially breaking something, is highly decreased.

            – They don’t have to be that pretty! Let’s mature things up a little bit. Being warm, dry and comfortable is far more important than wearing a pair of boots that a Hollywood star might wear. 



First thing that pops to your mind when someone mentions the winter, are those freezing sub-zero temperatures in which our bodies don’t really enjoy. Having said it, making yourself warm and comfortable is one the first issues you need to address. So, instead of packing a ton of sweaters and jackets, bringing a pair of thermal leggings and long-sleeved thermal tops is a good starting point for you not to freeze your butt off. This type of underwear is specifically designed for keeping you warm, and if you add to that a nice pair of wool socks, you just might be able to conquer whatever conditions you find yourself in.


Even though we tend to connect accessories with fashion, we need to be reminded of just how important they can practically be in many different contexts besides fashion. Plus, accessories usually take up just a little bit of space, and that is what makes them an absolute necessity for your winter travels. Instead of having to wear those heavy long collared coats, throwing in a couple of scarfs into your backpack will make your life so much easier. Of course, we don’t need to mention that it would be smart to bring your favorite winter hat, right? Gloves are also a must. Whatever you end up doing, having a set of frozen fingers you are barely capable of moving, will not benefit you in any way possible.



Let’s throw in a quick tip. Since you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, there is a great chance that you will somehow end up staining your clothes. One of the easiest ways to solve that problem, is to pack as much dark clothing as you possibly can. Just so you know. Plus, you won’t have the problem of not being able to match your outfit.

Packing should be easy and stress free! Your mind should be focused on the amazing time you’re going to have and not on fashion choices. Keep it warm, safe and smart, and have a great winter holiday!