Useful Tips On Renovation And Remodeling Of Bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling or renovating a home, bathrooms are usually considered as an afterthought. It is assumed that they are highly expensive to resuscitate. The added constraint of encountering a tiny space to work with makes bathroom remodeling a really tough task. Actually, there is so much to include for a bathroom-renovating project. Unless you’re a professional bathroom designer or a homeowner who’s been through renovating process in the past, all the core details, options, procedures, and decisions are going to sound like an entirely new terminology.

Although, a bathroom renovation is an exciting task, but do not directly jump and pick the fancy fixtures such as tiles, tubs, etc. You can design a perfect bathroom that fits into your budget, if you plan properly. A complete bathroom renovation can be one of the most expensive projects you attempt. Even though the area is small, most of the work involves technicality and needs professional assistance. Since remodeling or renovating of bathrooms can be hard, time-consuming, and most importantly, expensive, below listed are some of the useful tips for planning bathroom renovation projects in budget.

Bathroom Renovation Tips:

#1 Have a plan before you start: Working with a professional designer or an architect may seem expensive, especially if you’ve limited budget, but it is money well spent. A plan drafted and executed by a professional will assure that your budget, timeline, and design will be met. So, hiring a professional will save you some money and time in the long run.

#2 Try not to alter plumbing lines: Using existing plumbing lines will save a significant amount of money. Relocating plumbing lines and other fixtures is a complicated, time consuming, and expensive task. So, it is a good idea to give new look to bathrooms without replacing the plumbing lines.

#3 Save on countertops: Although the bathroom countertops are not as expensive as kitchen countertops, there are some ways to save money on countertops while remodeling your bathroom. If you choose materials like granite and popular colors like brown, tan, and light beige, you may end up spending more. To save money, consider wider swath of colours and materials.

#4 Upgrading vanity: Most of the bathrooms have vanity. If you want to upgrade it, try hunting for antique cabinets in a local flea market. Hide the plumbing lines behind the vanity, seal drawers and then set a sink on it. This way you can upgrade your bathroom vanity without spending out big bucks.

#5 Limit your tiles: Fancy tiles can be exciting and attractive, but they will increase your budget too. To save money on tiles, install them only on high impact areas. If you want more artistic tiles, use some alongside the less expensive ones. Moreover, bathrooms doesn’t have tiles on the ceiling and flooring, instead, you can use alternatives such as reclaimed wood panels. Properly sealed and stained wood floors are durable enough for normal bathroom use. Overall, reducing the number of expensive tiles will save you significant amount of money. 

#6 Lighting: You can add one of the most valuable changes to the bathroom just by installing lots of lights, it doesn’t have to break your bank. Shop lighting and other fixtures when there is a sale. Moreover, if you can bring in natural light to your bathrooms, it is one of the ideal ways to brighten up the overall space.

All in all, determine how much you can afford to spend on your bathroom renovation project. If your budget is on the lower end, you’ll want to consider only a few changes such as changing fixtures and repainting. So, plan your budget to ensure that your project stays on track and runs smoothly.

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